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Things I'm Loving {June '17}

We're already halfway through 2017, into the beautiful summer, and it's yet again the 15th; time to intentionally write out what I'm currently loving!

1.) The Keepers

I watched The Keepers on Netflix in under 24 hours. And then watched all 7 episodes again later the same week. It's a really compelling series, especially for a girl that grew up watching Murder, She Wrote, Matlock, Perry Mason, and Snapped with her mom.

2.) Hanging out on the back patio

Whether it's just sitting, or playing a game of UNO after dinner, I'm loving our backyard with giant shade trees and some plants (that are still alive!).

3.) Summer Vacation! 

We're heading to Florida for a family vacation, and boy do we need one. This will be the first vacation I have taken where I have not A.) Worked extra hours during the week to make up for the day off or B.) Worked from vacation since I left Kentucky. I am taking one glorious week of paid time off to enjoy with my family and I cannot wait.

4.) Birthday Shenanigans 

In March, we went out for my 27th birthday, now that it's June it was time to go out to celebrate my sister's 25th! We found an awesome bar and restaurant in Kent, Erie St. Kitchen inside Venice Cafe, and it's right beside an adorable walking path and the Cuyahoga river.

5.)  Vacation Bible School

This is the first year I've ever been involved in a VBS, and I love love love it. Kids dancing, singing, playing, learning, crafting and laughing. It's a busy ans exhausting week, but if I'm being honest, I'm loving every minute of it!

What are you loving right now?

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