Bucket List

Dreaming of the future is just part of me: I dream about what I want to do, see, and experience in this life. And I firmly believe you can learn mountains about another person when you see what they want to do in their life. So below you'll find my dreams, from the common to the extravagant.

1.) Swim with sharks
2.) Own my own house
3.) Take my children on a cruise
4.) Visit Auschwitz
5.) Become a certified SCUBA diver
6.) Have a novel/short story published
7.) Learn Arabic
8.) Celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary
9.) See Wicked performed
10.) Have another baby on earth through birth or adoption
11.) Grow a successful garden
12.) Own a beach house
13.) Skydive
14.) Kiss Nathan on the Eiffel Tower
15.) Read the entire Bible
16.) See the Grand Canyon
17.) See Lion King on stage
18.) Participate in the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend
19.) Go on a hot air balloon ride
20.) Learn how to work on cars
21.) See all of my children follow their dreams
22.) Teach my son how to treat a lady
23.) Return to Egypt with my family
24.) Visit Australia
25.) See the Pacific Ocean
26.) Take my kids to the drive-in
27.) Run a marathon
28.) Have a poem (or a couple) published
29.) Host a foreign exchange student
30.) Take a family road trip across the United States
31.) Sneak into the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans
32.) Visit Chicago
33.) Complete a Triathlon
34.) Visit all 50 states
35.) Visit Iceland

Memories Made!

Visit Chicago (August 2016)
Cruise to the Bahamas (December 2016)
See Lion King onstage (February 2017)
Take my kids to the drive-in (April 2017)
See Wicked performed (December 2017)
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