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I love blogging.
And Facebook.
And Instagram.
And Twitter...

I enjoy getting to see what is happening in everyone else's life. I like posting pictures of Jace, writing about events I'm passionate about, and feeling connected to people that I don't always get to see face-to-face.

But I have discovered a problem.
Let's call it "oversharing."

For example:
I do not need to know the intimate details of your fight with your significant other (if he left you at home to go to the bar again, that sounds like a conversation you should have with him)

I really don't care to see the 75 pictures you took of your child in the same place and pose (seriously, one or two will suffice of her on the same swing.)

It doesn't matter to me that feel your girlfriend doesn't adequately show you love (maybe you should have that conversation with her instead of shaming her online?)

And I am genuinely scarred by the picture of your boyfriends body hair. (Yes, you find his body cute. I don't need to see it thanks)

Sometimes, though, I worry that I press the border of becoming that person. Reading this blog allows for anyone to know about my husband and my son. About what I believe in. What I think about. My work, plans, and sometimes day to day life.

Now, I do think blogging is a little different than other social media, because you must choose to go specifically to my blog. But on Facebook you can be scrolling though your news feed and be instantly subjected to any number of images and text that you simply did not want to encounter.

Why do we do that? Do we no longer enjoy a private life that actually leaves the world out of some of our business?
Maybe it's because I tend to be introverted and enjoy time to myself, but I don't want the world to know every detail. I like that there are details of my life that only my husband knows. Because, to me, some thoughts and memories are meant to be kept to yourself.
Not to mention, there would be a whole lot fewer embarrassed people if they thought twice before they hit "post."

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