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Apparently Buckeyes are an Ohio Thing?

One of my family's Christmas Traditions is making cookies for Christmas. The favorite? Buckeyes.

So I, of course, made some for the holiday's and sent a few to work with Nathan since he absolutely loves them. Apparently he spent part of the day explaining what buckeye's are.

First of all, how could anyone not know what a buckeye cookie is?

It's peanut butter, chocolate-y goodness enjoyed every Christmas!

But, aside from that, I now feel the need to share their goodness with the rest of the world.

Here is the buckeye recipe I used/put together/ tweaked.

2.5 cups powdered sugar
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 tsp. vanilla extract
.25 cups butter (room temperature)
1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips or chunks (I also did a batch with dark chocolate)
Shortening or butter

In a large bowl (preferably using an electric mixer) mix together butter, peanut butter and vanilla.
Add in the powdered sugar and continue mixing.
Take the mixture and roll it into small balls between 1/2" and 1" (if it is too sticky, add more powdered sugar, too crumbly, add more peanut butter). Place them on wax paper to put into the fridge to chill for at least 30 minutes. You should end up having between 35-50 balls.
Using a double broiler (or a saucepan with water and another saucepan in it) melt down the chocolate and shortening until it is proper consistency to dip. Using toothpicks, or a fork dip the peanut butter balls into the chocolate leaving part of the PB exposed to created the buckeye look. Let them chill in the fridge until the chocolate sets, then enjoy!

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