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So, I'm not sure why I was so reluctant to post about this until now, but I really was. It almost felt as though it couldn't be real, or something would change again and I would have to go back on what I said.

I'm not going to grad school this spring.

I had planned to, got accepted, and was mentally preparing for the concept of homework, working part time, and raising a toddler. And then, without applying for or searching...

I landed a full-time, salaried position.

I'm really nervously excited to announce that I will be the office manager/ administrative associate at the Appalachian College Association beginning January 1, 2014. I will work 8-5, five days a week, year-round (except all federal holidays and a week in December). There will be no more, "What do I do when this job ends?" No more praying and hoping that something will work out, no more paranoia over getting sick since I've been living without health insurance, and no more Saturday's saying, "Sorry, I can't, I have to work."

How did I get a job without applying for it? Well, when I was a student on Berea College's campus my first ever labor position was the ACA. It was a community partnership, and I was the only student that worked there. I made my own schedule, never had to attend a labor meeting, and really bonded with my 8 co-workers (plus I'm kind of awesome at that whole organizing office work kind of thing).

After graduation, I kept in touch and frequently stopped by to visit, so this fall when the current office manager left to move to another state, they asked if I could come in one day a week to help out and maybe help work the Summit (their big conference) in Knoxville. I said sure, especially since I had done most of it before, and started going in one day a week. Well a few weeks in, they said they would like me full-time starting in January.

What a crazy little world we live in.


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