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I Give Myself Ten

There's been a recent surge on Facebook of lists. They're all the same concept:
X amount of things you didn't know about my relationship/pregnancy
X amount of books that touched your life.

So, instead of posting on Facebook, but still interested in sharing some details about myself, I decided to give myself the number 10, and post my lists here.

Ten Things about my Pregnancy
1.) My sense of smell was so insane that I would have to leave class to get sick if a fellow student brought coffee without a lid.
2.) Jace loved to kick me and move, but wouldn't move when anyone put their hand on my belly (including Nathan at first.)
3.) One of Jace's favorite positions was diagonal with his feet lodged in my ribs, which was really uncomfortable.
4.) When I took my pregnancy test, the second line was extremely faint, so I though there was a chance it was wrong. I went to health services and the doctor walks in the room saying, "Okay you should be due in April, when was your last cycle?" while I sat in shock.
5.) I lost a lot of friends during that time because they judged me for getting pregnant, and I decided I didn't need that in my life.
6.) Nathan was excellent with me, because I was a stressed-out, over-emotional mess the majority of the nine months.
7.) I had a severe aversion to chicken and the sight of raw chicken made me sick to my stomach.
8.) My pregnancy wasn't easy: I had morning (all day) sickness, bad swelling, terrible heartburn nearly every night, and toward the end signs of preeclampsia which ended up with me having a C-section.
9.) Despite the health issues, I loved being pregnant and talked to my belly constantly.
10.) I was so afraid to be the stereotypical "too young" mom that I spent hours upon hours researching everything about pregnancy and parenthood, and stocking up on all baby supplies. Ironically, my parenting books are now gathering dust because I had some motherly instincts to rely on after all.

Ten Details of my Relationship with Nathan
1.) He doesn't remember the first couple times he met me.
2.) He was too shy to tell me he liked me, so he told a mutual friend who then told me, making me super aware of Nathan since I didn't know much about him.
3.) Nathan loved that I didn't put him in front of my friends early on in our relationship, which made me fall in love with him.
4.) We never broke up, or took a break, or saw other people once we started dating in 2009.
5.) I knew after only a couple months that Nathan was the kind of man I could marry.
6.) Every date Nathan has ever planned for us has had something go wrong.
7.) Every time we were told we wouldn't work out or wouldn't make it, just seemed to have the opposite effect on us and brought us closer.
8.) The longest we've ever been apart was six months into our relationship when I went to Egypt for three weeks.
9.) We share a love of theater and have seen many productions together, including Phantom of the Opera.
10.) Nathan encourages me out of my comfort zone, which is exactly what I need so I don't stick too closely to my routine.

Ten Books that have Stayed with Me
1.) The Five People You Meet in Heaven-  Mitch Albom
2.) The Time Traveler's Wife- Audrey Niffenegger
3.) Memoirs of a Geisha- Arthur Golden
4.)  Kindred- Octavia Butler
5.) Proof of Heaven - Eben Alexander
6.) Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte
7.) The Harry Potter Series- J.K. Rowling
8.) Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen
9.) Her Fearful Symmetry- Audrey Niffenegger
10.) The Pact- Jodi Picoult

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