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Becoming THAT Person

I'm not really sure how, and certainly would never have imagined it, but somehow I have become that person.

You know,
the one who can tell you the calories in any food,
that constantly talks about working out and new exercises,
and that seems to have become obsessed with fitness.

I've known that person my whole life: watched their progress pics show up on social media, and thought, well good for her, but there's no way I can do that, I'm just not that athletic/ not as motivated/ can't afford healthy food/ don't have that kind of time etc.

Then in October, I got a sudden spurt of inspiration.
And kept that motivation going.
I tried not to make too big of a fuss about it at first because, realistically, I was probably not going to be able to stick with it.

But then three months passed, and I was still changing.
I was noticing a difference, and learning how to make a healthy lifestyle work.

Now it's been almost 6 months.
I'm still not there, but there are times I don't recognize myself. Physically, yes I see a change, but the more important adjustment has very much been mental.

I don't see my goal weight as a dream or a maybe, I see it as a goal with a deadline.
I don't wonder how it might be possible to lose weight, I research tips and ways to boost the healthy choices I make.
Basically, I realized that I have control over this. I decide what I eat, and how much. I choose to drink water instead of pop. I resolve to work out daily. I hold myself accountable.

And so, I have become that person.
The one trying to encourage others to come swim with me.
Who tosses out healthy snack ideas and workout tips without even realizing it.
That probably irritates everyone with my constant fitness chatter.

But every once in awhile someone will tell me that since I've been able to do it, I've encouraged them to take control of their fitness too. That I (the klutz who has never before stuck to a diet) inspired them.
Because of that, I think I like being that person.

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