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It's All in Your Mind(set)

Last week was busy.

Oh, who am I kidding, every week of my life is busy, with scheduled, planned, and unexpected things. 

That's the season of life I'm in, a full-time office assistant, a young mom, a wife, a daughter, and a friend. I try to live up to every one of those labels, inevitably fail and fall short sometimes, exceed at other times, and generally just continue to bounce forward.

Anyway, as I was saying, last week was busy. One specific day I knew would be a no-downtime day from 5:15 am till probably 9 or 10. But the last thing I would be doing that day would be a little birthday dinner for a new and dear friend. 
And I actually caught myself thinking, on the way there, just this one last thing to do today.

Hold up.

Yep, instead of looking forward to celebrating friendship, showing love, and indulging in cake, I had somehow written it off as just one more item on my agenda that needed to be accomplished before I could go to sleep.
I quickly mentally chastised myself, took a breath, and thought about the evening for what it was: a celebration. I thought about how blessed I am to see the women that I would spend the evening with, how fortunate I am to have a husband that, after coming home from work, would keep not only our toddler, but an additional two year old so that we could celebrate. I thanked God for the community I have stumbled into. And suddenly, I could not wait to get there

The only thing that had changed was my mindset, and that's all that needed to change. 

I'd like to put out a challenge, to myself and anyone else willing. Take one thing each day and try to see it through a new lens. Maybe it's work, maybe it's cooking dinner, maybe it's heading to a meeting or date that you have every week. Stop seeing it as just another obligation, even if only for that day. Then see what changes!

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