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Pregnancy- A Poem

I was searching through old documents and found a poem I started when I was still pregnant with Jace.
 I touched it up and finished it and wanted to post it here.

It all makes sense.
But none of it makes sense.
My new D cup and aversion to smells,
That part adds up.
But the doctors all said no.
Our chances were minute.
Chemo caused some damage,
High stress levels wouldn’t help.
But the test says positive.
So does the one at the doctor’s office.
Due date: April 19.
“Take your prenatal vitamins.”
It’s still unreal, we can’t quite comprehend.
A baby.
We get to have one?
Love one?
Name one?
Planning commences,
family members are told.
Excitement follows.
First ultrasound
Congratulations, it’s a
Jace Alexander.
I continue growing,
as does he.
Jace learns to somersault,
and rest feet in my ribcage.
More ultrasounds,
more doctors,
he’s healthy and fine.
Setting up the nursery,
Lion King bedding,
and a library of Dr. Seuss .
Getting closer to April,
nervous about labor.
Plan baby showers,
read about birth.
Watch a lot of Teen Mom.
3-D ultrasound,
the first time to see his face,
looks like daddy.
Skin continues to stretch
Angry red streaks my stomach
I simply can’t get any bigger,
there’s nowhere else to go.
Too much movement
to sleep,
just prepping
for newborn nights.
Doctor appointments weekly,
a couple medical scares.
“Signs of preeclampsia.”
“Strict bed rest.”
Then finally,
“We should induce.”
More calls to family members
“Jace’s birthday will be tomorrow!”
Start the pitocin,
sleep, rest, wait.
Water breaks,
time for the epidural.
Progress slows,
“It’s completely up to you.”
The cry that would change
every priority in my life.

Courtesy of Ray Davis Photography

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