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I have a friend that has been repeating a mantra to me for the last several months. I call her when I'm upset, when I get more bad news, and when I just need to verbally process my life.

"Camille, He hears you, He sees you, He hasn't forgotten you and He loves you."

It's tough to remember that when something else bad always feels like it's happening. But I also can't ignore when it is so blatantly clear that He does. I was merely surviving at my last job, with inflexible hours, last minute overtime, and stress that I just couldn't handle. I prayed each morning on the way to work, "Please let me find somewhere new. Please let something change. Please see that I'm suffering."

And something did change, very quickly. I got into my new job, which ranks above Google on the Forbes list of best places to work. My drive to work went from 45+ minutes in rush hour, to about 25 minutes on back roads. I no longer feel too tired when I get home to do anything, and I no longer live for the weekends. I am told daily that I am appreciated, that I am doing good work, and reassured that I am valuable.

It was exactly the change I needed when I felt that everything was unbearable. And I have to be grateful, because this is a workplace and a job anyone would feel blessed to have, and to see such a physical manifestation of what I asked for is something I can't go without acknowledging.

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