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Mom Moments (Part 4)

Jace is running around with a Nerf gun, and I tell him I don't have time to play right now, so he goes upstairs to the kitchen where everyone else is.
Jace: I don't know what mom's problem is.
Nathan: Mom's problem?
Jace: She won't play guns with me!

Grandpa made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.
Jace: MMMMM, you're a good cooker gwampa!

Me: I'm going to go shower, then we can get ready and go to the zoo!
Jace: Okay. Shower faster, okay?

Jace was playing with Aunt Moey's Wii Steering Wheel and dropped it.
Jace: Oh no, I made it angry Aunt Moey!

Tucking Jace into bed.
Me: I love you.
Jace: I love you too.
Me: I love you more.
Jace: I love you more.
Me: I love you mostest.
Jace: I love you... a lot!
Me: I love you times infinity!
Jace: Really? Just go out the door.

Sitting on the couch with his head on my belly.
Jace: What's that sound in your belly?
Me: Just belly noises.
Jace: No, but what's IN there mom?
Me: It's an elephant, okay?
Jace: No. You just have tigers in there.

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