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Paczki, Ice Skating, and Horrible Children's Books [February Learning]

We're going to start with the same theme as last month. So how in February did I decide to stop accepting crap and demand something more? I put myself back on a schedule. Every workday this month I have shown up at the office between 6:00 and 6:30 am to go to the gym. On a good day, I do a 30 minute run followed by the weight room. On a "I'm not awake enough for this" day I do a 30+ minute jog/walk on the treadmill. At this stage, it isn't necessarily about the intensity of the workout so much as just doing the workout. By the end of the month I had started doing a couple of the classes offered: sculpting yoga and boot camp.

For my other learning:

1.) Ice Skating

I would like to preface this by saying, I never thought I was a good ice skater. Never. But Jace asked to go, he really wanted to do it, and so we went. If I thought I was bad before, I never dreamed how much worse I could be while trying to keep a three year old up on his own skates. By the end, I let him stand on a cone and just pushed him around the rink #momwin

2.) "The Gas We Pass"

This book is terrible. As is "Everyone Poops." I understand that to a 3 year old boy they're hilarious, but I hate reading them. The one (and I do mean only) saving grace is the diagram in "The Gas We Pass." I was able to use it to explain Nathan's surgeries in a visual way that Jace could understand. I thought it was great that he was able to tell dad that his boo-boo is because he doesn't have an intestine anymore. Nathan wasn't as impressed for some reason.

3.) Paczki

On Fat Tuesday the VP of the department showed up with ten dozen Paczki. Apparently they are a Polish pastry that are traditionally served on Fat Tuesday that are like a jelly-filled doughnut on steroids. They're also very delicious, and very many calories.

Thanks to Emily for hosting this link up over at Chatting at the Sky! So, what did you learn this month?

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