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Mom Moments (Part 5)

I first started writing these cute moment posts when Jace was 2, and now he's my four year old big boy, and still saying crazy things that make me smile.

Jace: Hey, my pizza is like a triangle!
Grandma: Yes, it is.
Jace: Yep. I'm a good shaper.
Grandma: *Stifles laugh* Yes, you are buddy.

Jace: Hey mom, is it sunny or moony outside?
Me: Moony?
Jace: Yeah, is it sunny or moony?
Me: Well, it's nighttime, so I guess it's moony.

*Playing soccer in the backyard*
Jace: I'm gonna win! *Kicks ball toward my goal*
Me: Then why are you helping me score?
Jace: Oh man, that's silly.

Grandma: Can I have the jellybeans Jace?
Jace: Yeah *Grabs bowl from counter*
Grandma: What flavor are they?
Jace: Sugar.

*Playing soccer with Uncle Brendan and Brendan steals the ball away*
Jace: You're a peanut butter face!

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