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Ohio Winters, New Tattoos and Kyrgyzstan [April Learning]

Here's what I learned in April!

To start, what was my "demanding more?" Getting help. Instead of continuing to be a victim of my depression, I finally got the help I needed in the form of an anti-depressant that finally has me feeling like myself again. I'm not 100% yet, and I know this is something I will have to continue to persevere through, but instead of feeling defeated, I'm finally standing up to my depression.

1.) I did not miss Ohio winter.

After 7 warm spring beginnings in Kentucky, I did not miss Ohio's weather mood swings. It snowed the first weekend in April. SNOWED. I watched my Kentucky people post pictures of their kids in shorts and all the blooms on the trees, while I watched a blizzard happen here.

2.) My pain tolerance has improved.

I got my third tattoo this month, in memory of my babies in heaven. I hadn't gotten a tattoo in six years, but I remembered it being painful in a bearable way. This time I felt discomfort, but not pain. There were specific spots that the pressure would hurt, but it wasn't the pain I remembered. So now I'm planning my next one.

3.) Kyrgyzstan is a country.

And apparently my work does some business there as it came up in a meeting. Now I'm not a huge geography buff, but I tend to think I have a pretty good understanding of countries around the world, and I had never heard of this place.

Thanks to Emily for hosting this linkup!

What did you learn in April?

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