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In my last post, I admitted my struggle with depression. My need to be honest about it is just part of my personality, and something I felt that those who regularly read my blog deserved to know.

What I did not anticipate was the outpouring that following. The private messages that shared struggles with depression, with bipolar and with suicide. The ones that said "I'm proud of you for fighting because I've lived that struggle." One of my biggest side effects with depression was the self-isolation. It's a common symptom and it makes it worse. But knowing that in the community I've found and created I'm not alone, and I'm not alone in struggling gives me strength.

I've seen the doctor since my last post and the medication is helping. I'd forgotten what it was like to have energy and optimism. I'd honestly not realized how long or how hard I'd been fighting this, and to now have the ability to focus my time and energy on Jace, on working out, and on making plans with my friends has been an unbelievable relief and joy.

It's freeing to be real, to be honest and to not pretend I have it together. Thanks for letting me be me dear friends.

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