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Chiropractors, Kombucha and Halloween [October Learning]

How in October did I demand more from my life?

I didn't guys. This month wasn't really my month, beginning with my last remaining grandparent passing away the first week and ending with the combination of memories of my first miscarriage (Halloween 2014) and my parents leaving for their new house and new lives in Florida (16 hours away). But, unlike last year, I did not check out and I did keep moving forward despite things going wrong.

Therefore, while I didn't demand more or stop accepting crap, I did at least hold my ground, and I am determined to make November a better month.

Now onto the regular learning:

1.) Chiropractors are magical.

I've had hip and lower back pain intermittently at least since high school. I finally decided to go see a chiropractor to see if I could gain some insight and explanation, and I did. So now I'm seeing him every couple of weeks to be adjusted, and though right now there are moments I feel like I'm in greater pain, I can also tell where things are definitely improving.

2.) Kombucha

Ira at work started bringing it in to drink in the morning. We started sharing kombucha with a toast, and it's basically fermented tea. Some flavors are pretty good (blueberry has been my favorite thus far.) Others are the type you just shoot down and be grateful for the health benefits (spiced elderberry).

3.) Pale blonde is fun for a night, but could never be a permanent color.

For a Halloween party this year Nathan and I did a couples costume as Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter.

What did you learn in October?

If anyone is interested in sharing, I'm happy to turn this into a linkup!

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