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Things I'm Loving {October}

Welcome to my third month linking up with things that I am loving. In case you don't know what exactly this is all about, here's the first post which helps to explain it.

Without further ado, here's what I'm loving in October:

1. The Lumineer's album Cleopatra.

Patience is such a beautiful and classic song.

2. Green tea lattes with vanilla bean scones for breakfast.

Healthy? Not really. Tasty? Heck yes. 

3. Red hair!

Fall needed something new, and the new this time was my hair. I love it, not too drastic, but dramatic enough to notice! 

4. Scentportables.

My car currently smells like "Beautiful Day" and Nathan's smells like "Mahogany Teakwood." And I got them on sale so they were cheaper than my usual Febreeze vent clips. 

5. New routines.

I created some new morning/evening routines.

6. Corn mazes, pumpkin picking and desserts, and fall traditions!

What are you loving so far in October? Feel free to link up below!

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