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Creating Routines

Losing my grandmother, combined with the impending move of my parents to Florida, and the hunt for answers to my future (my temporary position does eventually end, which means I need to figure out my next move), all resulted in a flair up of depression.

Since I research everything and grew up in the age of technology, one of the tips that resonated with me most was the idea of creating a routine to follow. Literally having something written down to define what I need to do.

Work is covered, between the hours of 7:30-4:30 Monday through Friday my days are scheduled out, meetings are calendared, and if I get lunch I eat and read my book. But the morning and evening, those needed some help to not feel so aimless.

I tried to find calming backgrounds and my plan is to print them and get them displayed in my room.

I'm also going to set alarms for the times I've outlined, which was another tip that I read.

Now, creating a habit is supposed to take 21 days, which would mean needing to follow these for three weeks. So wish me luck!

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