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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

One week without Nathan and Jace.
It's been one week, and I have survived.
And, though I still feel like a part of me is missing by not being with Jace, the time apart has actually been extremely beneficial to Nathan and me.
With both of us working, and parenting, and trying to figure out our next steps into the future, it has taken a toll on our ability to be husband and wife. To go on dates, to appreciate each other, to remember the good and wonderful qualities about the other that made us fall in love to begin with.
But spending a whole week apart? It reminded me how much I love him and how much I have to be grateful for. And it reminds me how much the little gestures, like holding his hand or kissing him good morning, mean to me.
With everything going on in our lives I sometimes rush out of the house without even a kiss goodbye because we're so busy. Let me just say that after a week alone, I missed those kisses. And I won't be passing on them again anytime soon.
The other benefit to being apart? Well, in addition to appreciating him more now, I also learned a lot more about him. When we first started dating we played 20 Questions via text. Which was far more than 20 questions, but it was how we got to know each other. Three and a half years later, we have both changed, so we started playing again. For three days we texted back and forth asking questions that ranged from, "What is your favorite picture of us?" and "What is your least favorite aspect of your job?" to questions like, "What is your biggest worry in our marriage?" The only rule was to be honest, and so we very honestly answered each other's questions while coming up with questions of our own.

The past week taught me an invaluable lesson:
appreciate the people in your life.
Don't stop noticing the small things.

I probably won't be writing again soon because I will be enjoying time with my husband, and on Saturday, time with my son as well.


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