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I Understand Why People Cheat

We live in a culture of convenience and ease.

Cell phone shatters after dropping it on the concrete? Go buy a new one.
Jeans get a small tear? Toss them and go shopping.
Don't understand the material in a class? Drop it and pick up a different one next semester.

As a culture, we don't have to follow things through.
We've made people millionaires for coming up with quick fixes.
But that mentality prevails into more than physical items. It happens in our relationships too.

Nathan and I recently got problematic news concerning his health. Basically, the medication he has been on to help control his sickness has stopped working, now the only options left are drastic measures that will severely alter the course of our lives. Surgery could have complications, a stem cell transplant has it's own risks and issues.
We're facing this terrifying choice, and it's hard to deal with.
In the midst of dealing with it, I came upon an interesting insight. To continue to choose to love him every day, to continue to believe in us, and to work to come to a solution for us, is hard work.
Harder than getting though a class I didn't understand: harder than mending a tear in a pair of jeans.

How easy would it be to find someone new, someone who's issues I'm not yet aware of? Who won't be in and out of hospitals for the next few months and, realistically, for the rest of his life? To enjoy the blissful new relationship stage?

I'm not condoning it. And I'm certainly not choosing that path. But, for the first time in my life, I can really understand why so many people do not remain faithful to the one they promise to be with for better or worse.
It's easy to love someone during the better, but during the worse?
It is work and it takes commitment.


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