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Small Town Homesick

I miss Newton Falls.
Not all of it, and not all the time, but yesterday I would have given anything to be back in good ol' NF.

See, my hometown is itty biddy. And it's known for two things:
1.) It's zipcode is all the same number (44444)
2.) The Fourth of July Fireworks display

And in 23 years, this is the first time I have not been there to see them. It's not just the fireworks, it's everything that happens on the 4th.
Here is my 4th of July routine:
Wake up and go to the parade
Help prepare everything for the picnic at our house
Do go-carts, have a bonfire, and have a blast (all while dodging or embracing the crazy storms)
Clean up and get dressed for the fireworks
Claim a spot to sit
Squeeze through the crowds at the carnival to get fair food
See everyone you know and catch up in 10 seconds or less
Eat super unhealthy fair fries, corn dogs, cotton candy and Hawaiian shaved ice
Watch a spectacular firework show!

It's a tradition. It's wonderful. And I missed it yesterday.

So what I'm really coming to terms with is creating new traditions.
It's tough for me to let go of my traditions because they are so important to me.
It's hard to accept that life changes and will not be the same.
And, while I am usually thrilled with my life and excited for the future, wherever it takes us, sometimes, I just get a little homesick for the familiar.


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