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Cleaning Frenzy & Friendship

It's here.
The week I have been dreading since Nathan and I considered the idea is upon me, and I'm handling it about as well as I anticipated.
Jace and Nathan left last night for the grandparents, which resulted in a lot of tears from me, and then staying up later than usual because I'm not used to sleeping alone. Thank goodness for Luna, she may be a complete sweetheart, but she is also a very loyal protector.

So this morning I have been tackling all the projects that are challenging to accomplish with a toddler.
I took apart and cleaned the dryer, based on a tutorial on Pinterest.
Cleaned my dishwasher.
Scrubbed down the oven.
Rearranged Jace's room.
Etc. etc.

By 3:00, my house was pretty well clean. And I was out of the needed energy to tackle any more big projects.
But I also had the good fortune to realize what good friendships I have here.
My friends know that this is going to be a tough week for me. So this morning I got a phone call asking how I was doing and if I wanted to get together for a cup of coffee and to hang out. It was so touching that someone wanted to make sure I was doing okay and that I did get out of my house today.
So at 4:00 I headed up to BC&T. I had a great time just relaxing and chatting, and running into more people that I know.
It seems so small, but that little gesture meant a lot to me today. And reminded me how lucky I am to have the relationships I have here. Day by day Berea feels more like my home, like the place to raise my family, and when I first arrived here five years ago, I never would have thought Berea was anything more than a temporary stop.


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