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100 Happy Days!

Okay, I can't lie, I'm really excited about this.

There are so many people doing it already, and I have now joined them!

100 Happy Days Challenge!

Basically, you actually take a bit of time out of your busy day to notice something that makes you happy.
You snap a picture of it, hashtag it (I'll be using instagram for mine) and do so for 100 days.

Theoretically at the end you should notice yourself being happier, more appreciative, and overall just in a better mental space.

Who's with me??
Sign up, use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever your social outlet of choice is :)

For those who don't have instagram, but are still interested in what makes me happy, I'm going to update this post to include the pictures here as well:

Day 1: #100happydayscmk weather warm enough to wear a skirt and heels!

Day 2: #100happydayscmk morning workouts!

Day 3: #100happydayscmk my cute lace skirt, warm weather, my first 5K registration mailed in, and the great smelling candle at my desk.

Day 4: #100happydayscmk Friends that swim laps with me at 6:30am!

Day 5: #100happydayscmk Cuddling this sweet girl

Day 6: #100happydayscmk Going out to lunch after church with my little family

Day 7: #100happydayscmk strawberry ice cream with lunch

Day 8:  #100happydayscmk As soon as I open the door to Jace's room Luna has to come wake him up and lay in bed with him. It's pretty adorable

Day 9: #100happydayscmk It's confirmed, I'm running my first 5k in 23 days!

Day 10: #100happydayscmk I made this for Allyson at work this morning. I really do like this job :)

Day 11: #100happydayscmk a healthy start to Friday: swimming laps and nearly 25 pounds down

Day 12: #100happydayscmk watching this boy fall in love with the water just like his mama.

Day 13: #100happydayscmk a little happy about the snow day because it meant extra family time

Day 14: #100happydayscmk extremely thankful for an endless supply of hot chocolate on a cold, snowy morning.

Day 15: #100happydayscmk Candlelight bubble bath and chocolate

Day 16: #100happydayscmk A cute video of Jace popping bubbles, but I can't get it to upload here. Guess I should stick to pictures.

Day 17: #100happydayscmk Gilmore Girls marathon in my nest of pillows and blankets

Day 18: #100happydayscmk Lazy Saturday morning with my loves

Day 19: #100happydayscmk Watching Jace learn

Day 20: #100happydayscmk Jace discovered the volleyball court after our picnic dinner in the sun!

Day 21: #100happydayscmk Taking back control of my diet and workouts.

Day 22: #100happydayscmk A crockpot full of chili to come home to after work

Day 23: #100happydayscmk My splurge purchase, new running shoes!

Day 24: #100happydayscmk A lunch date with both my boys!

Day 25: #100happydayscmk Homemade pizza in the oven!

Day 26: #100happydayscmk Spending my lunch break in a bookstore 

Day 17: #100happydayscmk Pomegranate Green Tea arrived at the office today!

Day 28: #100happydayscmk Gorgeous sunset on the way to the gym

Day 29: #100happydayscmk Tulips delivered to work for my birthday!

Day 30: #100happydayscmk My 24th Birthday, which included placing in a 5k, lunch with friends, and an evening with my family!

Day 31: #100happydayscmk My bosses brought me Starbucks!

Day 32: #100happydayscmk New toy, the Fitbit Flex!

Day 33: #100happydayscmk A healthy lunch and catching up on Nashville

Day 34: #100happydayscmk My herbs and flowers are sprouting and growing!

Day 35: #100happydayscmk A leisurely walk at lunch enjoying the small town charm

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