In letter rant snow winter

Winter, we need to talk.

Dear Winter,
    I'm afraid the time has come. Our relationship has run its' course, and we just don't make each other happy anymore. I think we need to break up.
See, you've been a lot harsher this year than in years past. Actually, this is the worst time we've had since I moved to Kentucky! I left Ohio hoping to connect with a milder version of you, one more prone to light dusting's of snow and temperatures that stay above 0.
But this year, well this year you have been determined to make things difficult.
I'm not being specific enough?

Okay, well since I like lists, let me be organized and explain my issues in more detail.

1.) My little apartment is having trouble keeping warm. Those nights of negative degrees? Well, thank goodness I've always kept endless blankets around the house. And then I saw my electric bill. Not cool winter, not cool.

2.) I learned to drive in you at a young age. I drove in snow, ice, sleet, rain, wind, and the occasional whiteout. I'm actually a pretty decent all-weather driver. But this year I have spent so much time sliding, getting stuck, and being unable to park in my own driveway, that it is not even close to okay.

See, after having to be towed out and back out of an icy driveway, I had to get creative. Which brings me to my next point.

3.) I'm getting real tired of hiking in the snow. Yep, to avoid the above image I have taken to plopping my toddler in the jogging stroller with a large blanket over him and hiking approx. .36 miles in the morning and afternoon in order to avoid losing control of my car. 

4.) You made me sick! I don't get sick often. I take good care of myself, eat healthy, exercise, and avoid situations where I would be bound to pick up excessive germs. But last week I was laid up for 3 days as a barely functional human being, and yes I blame you.

Maybe next year we can try again, maybe you will have mellowed, perhaps I will get tougher. But, I'm afraid it's over.

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