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Green Tea Spinach Smoothie

The healthy living is still going strong!
And something helpful? Sharing good and healthy recipes. 
So, combined from many ideas and posts on pinterest, simple, single-serve smoothie packs to live in your freezer.

You need:
Green tea bags
Ziploc bags

What I specifically use:
1.) Frozen bag of fruit (around $3)
2.) 2 Lipton Green Tea bags
3.) 2 or 3 bananas (usually $0.50 a pound)
4.) Bag of spinach (a little under $3)

In each ziploc bag put a handful of spinach, a handful of mixed fruit, and half a banana (sliced is easiest!). Put in freezer. 
Boil a pot of water and make a pitcher of green tea (no sugar or honey needed). Keep pitcher in fridge.

When you want a yummy fruit smoothie dump one ziploc bag and about 1 cup of green tea into blender, and voila! Of course, use more or less green tea to your taste, and you could always use juice instead.

As best I can figure, each smoothie is around 100 calories.
It helps boost energy, and you only really taste the fruit!

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