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I'm terrible at this. And that's okay.

One of my favorite ways to exercise is Refit on Monday nights.
I also follow them on my social media, get their songs stuck in my head, and on occasion have started doing a routine in the aisles of Wal*mart (don't judge).

But this morning they posted the image below on their Facebook page and encouraged others to help shut down the "perfect" life that social media highlights.

1.) Art.
     Painting, drawing, sculpting, weaving, or whatever else. In my mind, I see what I want to create. Then my hands remind me, bluntly, that it just isn't gonna happen.

2.) Keeping in close touch with more than 5 people.
   But I know a lot of awesome details about the five that I am in regular contact with!

3.) Dancing.
     My foot is supposed to gracefully arch left. It actually does a spastic movement to the right. 

4.) Actually doing anything with my hair.
     I used to. Then I decided I liked my morning workout more than having well-straightened hair. And, let's be honest, that's the only thing I knew how to do with it anyway.

5.) Verbalizing my feelings.
     Truly, I am much more comfortable doing something for you than looking you in the eye and telling you that you are important to me and I love you. My eyes dart every other direction, my cheeks get red, I say the wrong thing anyway, and then I make some sort of joke to lighten the mood. 
It's the definition of terrible.

So, what are you terrible at? What do you not proudly proclaim on Instagram?

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