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Things I learned in April

So, I'm really not that great at this blogging thing.

I mean, I love writing about various topics, and I post pretty frequently, but I've never done a link up, or a guest post, or one of those link up monthly challenge type things (seriously, I'm not even sure what the proper name is).

But... after watching Victoria link up in a series called "Things I learned in _____" I wanted to give it a try!

So, welcome to my first ever link up post with Emily of Chatting at the Sky

1.) They make skinny leg dress pants.
Seriously. Who thought that was a good idea?? I quickly understood why they were on clearance.

2.) Two year old's are supposed to have 50-100 words.
At least, according to the pediatrician they are. Mine doesn't yet, so we'll see what that means.

3.) I can keep a plant alive!
So far. I have two on my desk at work and several around the outside of my house, and they are all not only alive, but they are actually growing!

4.) Lunchtime walks improve the entire workday.
I've gotten in the habit of packing my lunch, then going for a walk around the neighborhoods, campus, or down to alumni fields. Even if it's only 10 or 15 minutes it makes a huge difference in how I approach the rest of my workday.

5.) There is an Ocean's Seven marathon swim challenge.
Doing all 7 seems unlikely, but I want to swim at least one of them in my lifetime.

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