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Your Favorite: 5 Blogs

I know the idea of the blog challenge was probably to consecutively blog... but I went to my hometown for my sister's graduation and was without internet or a laptop for a longer-than-anticipated weekend, so I think we're going to make this challenge a regular thing, but not a daily requirement.

Anyway, onto the topic of the day: 5 favorite blogs.

Pick only 5?
Hmm, okay

1.) Happy Wives Club
Almost daily there is a new post, and it is always encouraging and helpful tips to keep your marriage strong. It has introduced me to a community of women who are more interested in being happy in their marriage than whining about what their husbands do wrong. And it serves as a reminder to me to put my best foot forward in my marriage, even if I don't always feel like it.

2.) Victoria's Ramblings
Victoria is a new mom, young wife, and good friend that posts anything from simple recipes and creative writing to personal stories and challenges. She shares her struggles and her joy, with parenting and more, and loves to create community.

3.) The H and K Chronicles
I just love the twins that are Holly and Kelly. They post about their lives, important news, geek-dom (some I get, some not so much) and each post is written from two perspectives. They also have ongoing quote posts where they gather up the more humorous things they have done and said to let everyone enjoy a chuckle.

Jeff Cole started his blog when he was first diagnosed with leukemia. It is one way of keeping everyone in the loop on his progress, but in a bigger purpose, he uses it to share the gospel. During this entire trial he has show his faith through his writing, and it is inspirational to read.

Another more personal story blog, Jeff uses his blog as a way to process his life. And, even better, relate it to the gospel and learn from his experiences. He is always unflinchingly honest and aware of his own shortcomings, which makes him worth reading.

Bonus: My husband is trying to get into blogging, here's his blog if you want to check him out! 

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