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Why do you blog?

Because sometimes a 160 character tweet cannot do justice to my thoughts.
And a Facebook comment is not always the proper place to write out my real emotions.

Because my thoughts are sometimes confusing, contradictory, unfinished, or shown best through edited writing.

Like my thoughts on Emily Letts.
This 25 year young woman made a video about her abortion experience.
And on my own social media timelines I am seeing her be met with hatred, judgement, condemnation, and name-calling.

That's the response I would, honestly, expect from someone not at all secure in God's love. The need to attack someone for their choices and behavior (especially a stranger you have never met) usually signifies an inability to confront your own flaws.

This girl needs to be met with love. Not our love, honestly she needs to know she is loved by Jesus. Something about knowing that you are worthy, you were worth death to save, changes how you see and approach life. It simultaneously humbles you and gives you confidence in your value. It impacts every choice you makes and affects how you see your own power.

But if every experience she has with "Christianity" is condemning her and threatening her, she is never going to know Jesus. I speak from my own life here: one reason I avoided churches, Jesus, and the gospel for so long was because I thought it was a rule book looking for ways to tell me I was going to Hell. I felt no desire to be judged or lectured, and it took me ages to understand that condemnation is NOT what Christianity is about. It is about love, sacrifice, grace, community, and purpose.

I pray this girl gets that experience and that it shines through over the hatred and backlash. I pray she is able to one day feel God's love, because no matter what choices she has made on this earth, and whether or not we personally agree with them, she is still beloved and precious and it is our job as children of a merciful, loving God to show her that.

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