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Challenge or Defeat?

It's not a secret that running is one of my favorite ways to work out.

It's right up there with swimming and Refit. Which is why I usually go for a run 5-6 days a week.

But this morning was a little different. Normally when I run on the college track at 6-something in the morning, the only other people there are older people walking their laps. However, this morning I was joined by four high-school age athletes.

As I puffed and panted through my second mile, I watched myself get lapped. Twice.

This kid had to be running a 5 minute mile.

His breathing was even. He barely looked phased by the two miles I watched him run.

And I had a choice.

I could either look at that kid, compare him to my own run, and be defeated.
Or, I could use him to challenge myself.

I chose the challenge.

I kept moving, and in my 45 minutes on the track this morning did almost 4 miles.

I have worked too hard to let a fleeting moment of feeling inadequate do me in.
Because I am not inadequate.
I am not any less than the 5 minute miler. Why? Because we are both working our bodies. We both woke up and, rather than staying in bed, got ourselves to do a workout. And just because he clearly moves faster does not mean I can go slower since I'll never catch him anyway.
That's an excuse. A small-minded justification to not push myself. And I refuse to give in.

Realistically, I doubt I'll ever run a five minute mile. Even in my best high school shape I couldn't do that.
But I can certainly work toward that number.

I can also choose to continue going and compare myself to my own numbers instead of someone else.

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