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The Creative Process. Sort of.


Start again.

To begin a blog post first I must


Let's try that one more time.

Do I have a creative process? Hmm, process, what exactly does process mean? Step by step?


1.) Stumble upon a topic that hits my heart.

2.) Feel all the feels and mentally dialogue about it in my head. This happens a lot during the morning shower.

3.) Start typing phrases, words, arguments, quotes, and chaos.

4.) Delete approximately half of what I just typed because it doesn't sound right.

5.) Take what's left and refine it.

6.) Walk away. For an hour, a day, a few weeks.

7.) Return and think, "hmm, this doesn't sound half bad."

8.) Polish up, adjust spacing, then hover over the publish button long enough to run through the possible objections.

9.) Post.

It's not a pretty process. It's not an exact science. And for every post I publish, there are two drafts waiting for me to return to and three that end up deleted because they just aren't right to me.

But it's my process, and I've embraced it.

What does your creative process look like?
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