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Spa Date Night

For the first time in recent history, Pinterest failed me.
*Insert gasp of disbelief here*

I wanted to do an at home date night this weekend, and wanted to veer away from the constant popcorn, couch and a movie night. I also really just wanted a night to relax. So, when scrolling for ideas, I found Spa Date Night and thought "perfect!"

And then came the issues. Every blog/pin/idea I found was either a $200+ extravagance or so vaguely described that I had no idea what to really do. And the most difficult part? Not one single site listed anything for a menu.

Clearly, spa night is not a pizza and wings affair, but what on earth goes with the spa theme that
a.) is not a salad, and
b.) is something I can actually make?

So once it all came together I wanted to post about it here for all my other couple friends who might be interested in a different date night from usual.


Beverages: think light and luxury. 

Wine, Sparkling Grape Juice, Bottled Water.

Main Course: Light, we actually had a small dinner earlier with the toddler, so we didn't need much.

Shrimp Scampi

Grilled Chicken Flatbread

Desserts: again, luxury and small quantities.

Salted Caramel Gelato, Mint Milano Cookies, Dark Chocolate Squares, Strawberries


I wanted a hotel feel for the night, so I shut up our room for the day and completely cleaned it. I set out robes on the bed, printed out a menu and agenda, put candles everywhere, made a Pandora station, and had everything set for us to not have to scramble looking for things.

I prepped as much food as I could early on (slicing the strawberries, chilling the drinks etc.) then once Nathan took the toddler boy to bed, I was able to quickly set up and enjoy an evening.

Here are some ideas of fun spa couple activities to do:
Massage each other
Give each other a pedicure
Take a bubble bath with bath salts, oils etc.
Enjoy the hotel feeling and candlelit conversation!

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