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Things I Learned in August

1.) How to roughly edit a video.
For work, I (as the most tech-savvy person in the office) got to try to cut together some raw footage from a conference. It took me two days. But in the end I felt extremely accomplished and really did learn something new!

2.) There are exactly two places in Lexington that sell Jeni's Splendid ice cream.
And they both close at 9:00pm on a Saturday night. At the same time, I also learned that if the GPS estimates a 14 minute drive and it is 20 minutes till 9 a little determination and spontaneous friends can result in procuring the aforementioned ice cream.

3.) Speed Testing, Ping testing and Packet Loss.
We had some internet issues this month. Actually, a lot of internet issues. And, as is true with basically any office job now, lack of strong internet basically brings the office to a standstill for work. So in the midst of repairman after repairman I learned a little bit about how it should work for our office and how to test it to see if there is a measurable issue.

4.) Double dating is amazing for your marriage.
Labor day weekend was spend with my best friend of over a decade, and a newer friend that I had convinced to start texting each other. So we went out on a double date night and it's amazing the difference that happens when you go out with friends. For example, when Nathan and I go out we have to make such an effort to avoid:
- Is babysitting set up for the week?
- Did you budget out your next check?
- When will your next doctor appointment be scheduled?
Not really romantic. But when you're out with friends you talk about fun things, you flirt more, you hold hands more, and kiss more. I'm not kidding, try it!

What lessons did you learn in August? Link up with Emily and let the world know!

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