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Embracing Fall '14

Having a summer bucket list was great: while we didn't end up doing EVERYTHING that I listed, we did do the majority, and some things multiple times!

So as we head into Autumn there are some adventures I want to have, and here is what I've come up with:

1.) Pumpkin picking at Baldwin Farms
2.) Carve jack-o-lanterns
3.) Go trick or treating
4.) Hike the Pinnacles in the fall colors
5.) Attend a bonfire
6.) Made homemade hot chocolate
7.) Check out the Spoonbread Festival
8.) Bake some apple desserts (apple crisp maybe?)
9.) Go to the Hot Air Balloon Glow
10.) Run the Spoonbread 5k
11.) Enjoy chili, peanut butter soup, potato soup and other glorious fall cuisine
12.) Document our adventures in pictures

What is on your to-do list for fall? What new adventures have made their way onto your list?

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