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A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

I love events and I love details. I've told Nathan for years that if I thought it could support us, I would adore being an event planner.

The details of decorations and menu and a theme: it's enjoyable.

So I convinced Lindsay (it wasn't hard to do) that we should have a Roaring 20's Great Gatsby party, obviously insisting that everyone dress up.

We are both list people, so armed with a Google Doc and a Pinterest Board, we tackled the details and did the research for hosting a memorable gathering.


Starting with the front door, I used Microsoft Publisher to make some of my own 8x10 signs to decorate.

We had these posted throughout, most just for a laugh and to help set the tone.

Additionally, Lindsay and I stuck with a color scheme of silver, gold and black.


Interesting discovery for myself, as I started mixing together some swing music and the modern Great Gatsby soundtrack, I came to the conclusion that I really like swing.

Here's the playlist I put together for the night.


I have to give credit to Lindsay for the menu, because she is very much the foodie in our relationship.


Tuxedo Popcorn

Wrapped Chocolate Bars

Shrimp Cocktail, Crudites with Dip and Deviled Eggs 

Red Velvet Cupcakes

The overall spread: including s'mores cheese dip, spinach artichoke mushrooms, and pastry wrapped sausages. 


And, of course, the booze had to be rather central.


One of my favorite parts for throwing this party was that it wasn't going to cost anyone a lot to throw together a costume. I found my dress on ThredUp for $10, and the accessories came for Amazon for less than $20. Nathan's entire costume was put together from Goodwill for under $20 as well. We used the Pinterest board to pin ideas and having the group dressed up together, well I'd say we all looked pretty dapper.

Overall, it was a fantastic evening spent playing poker, chatting, and eating way too much food. And having a group of friends that would show up dressed up as if they belonged in the '20s made it even better!

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