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Mom Moments (Part 7)

The older he gets, the more frequent these posts seem to be. He just cracks me up with his words and his actions.

Jace: I have to go potty.
Me: For real?
Jace: No, for regular!

*Getting Jace ready for bed*
Nathan: What stinks in here?
Jace *without missing a beat*: You do dad!

*Getting in the car after dinner, and the seat belt dinging starts because I'm not buckled yet*
Jace: I'm working on it Sookie!

*Waiting for the computer to boot up*
Jace: This is taking forever. It's still loading mom!
Me: You're still loading Jace.
Jace: Mom. Kids do not load.

*Setting Jace's butterflies free*
Jace: They are on the flower to eat connector. Are you getting enough connector butterfly?

Jace: I'm done watching shows.
Me: Then what are you going to do?
Jace: I want to play with my water balloons.
Me: You're sick, you are not going to play with water balloons.
Jace: I'm not sick!
Me: Yes you are, your fever keeps coming back.
Jace: * Exasperated* But you already gived me medicine!

*Jace is crawling on the tile floor*Me: Baby get up from there, it's dirty.
Jace: Why it is dirty?
Me: Because there is dog hair and doggie slobber, I haven't mopped yet.
Jace: Why?
Me: Go ask Riley (the dog).
Jace: *Walks over to where Riley is sitting* Riley, why you lick the floor? *Pause*
Okay Mom, I asked him.
Me: And what did he say?
Jace: Sorry.

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