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Ol' Kentucky Home, New Shoe Woes and Painted Ladies [August Learning]

We all know how this post will start: how in the month of August did I demand more? What did I learn about not accepting crap?

I stopped worrying about what someone else would think. Not all the time, and it's something I need to keep learning, but I stopped letting someone else's opinion stop me from doing what I wanted.
For years I've wanted to have a 1920's party, but I never did because I didn't want people to look at me funny for asking all my friends to dress up like flappers and enjoy 1920's cuisine and drinks.
I tried to stop worrying about what everyone else wanted from me. Does it matter if someone thinks I spend too much time introverting? No, it really doesn't.

Now onto my regularly scheduled monthly learning.

1.) Don't wear new shoes to an Indians Game.

I got new Sperry's, and was so excited I wore them to the Cleveland Indians game the next day, on a humid night walking all over the stadium and downtown. I had blisters. Really big, really painful, really bloody blisters that took over two weeks to heal. Lesson learned? Break in your shoes before wearing them on a downtown night out.

2.) Kentucky is still home.

Jace and I took a road trip to our beloved Berea the last weekend in July/beginning of August. It was so good for both of our hearts to spend a weekend at home, because we left behind a family there. By blood, our family is here, but blood is not the only thing that makes a family, and a huge part of our family resides in that little Kentucky town outside the mountains.

3.) Watching caterpillars turn to butterflies is amazing: whether you're 4 or an adult.

A couple months ago Jace and I were at the store and I let him pick out one thing. He picked out a raise butterflies kit, and I finally remembered to get online and order the little buggers. It was really cool to watch them get so big so quickly, form their cocoons, and when they first hatched and their wings were drying, we were even able to hold them. Jace surprised me by being totally fine with setting them free and watching them fly away.

4.) Nathan looks pretty cute dressed up in 1920's garb.

He even learned how to tie a bow tie for the event!

5.) Hot glue can actually melt off a layer of skin.

In preparing the cupcake toppers for our 1920's gathering, the hot glue gun dripped glue onto the surface I was working on, and I ended up with it on my finger. As I immediately tried to get it off, I noticed that skin was going with it. Not a good experience guys, I'd highly recommend avoiding it at all costs.

6.) To have a successful link up, you need an interesting topic.

I tried again this month to start a linkup, telling myself I would be okay without anyone joining because this will be an ongoing series that is for me. And guess what: someone else linked up! Success! What's fun about it for me? Now I can see what other friends and bloggers are obsessed with listening to and watching on Netflix, which is very helpful for that "What should I watch now" experience.

What did you learn in August? Share by linking up with Emily over at Chatting at the Sky!

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