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All About the Words [September Learning]


That's how I stopped accepting crap this month. September became a month that I intentionally spent time in books: listening to them, reading them, seeking out new authors and new books. And I started writing again. I pinned writing prompts and challenged myself to actually write down some of the ideas for poems, short stories and longer work. I started looking into places to submit writing for publication.

My art is writing, and I wanted to nurture it, and this month I finally started to. 

Now onto the regular learning for the month of September.

1.) There is a collection of books twisted from my favorite Disney tales.

The third book is called "As Old as Time" with the twist that Belle's mother was the enchantress that cursed the Beast. My awesome husband knows the way to my heart (books. And food.) and he got it for me the week it was released. I LOVED the concept. However, my honest opinion was that it could have used some more time being edited and reviewed before it was released. Some of the phrasing just seemed awkward, and the writing style seemed juvenile, even for a young adult novel.

2.) Dedicating yourself to writing is really. freaking. HARD.

I've called myself a writer for ages. And I do write, I write notes and letters, I write blog posts. But my creative writing, all these thoughts and inspiration that float around in my brain, I often do nothing with them. This month, as already mentioned, I decided to do something more with my writing, and it is not easy. Instead of sitting down to write, I found it so easy to get distracted with other work to be done, or being mom, or wandering off to Facebook.

3.) What Should I Read Next? 

I finally gave this website a chance, and it was spot on. I put in a few favorite books, and read through the list of options it gave me. Thanks to the vast library system, I was able to quickly lay hands on Firefly Lane, and loved it.

4.) The Perfect Work Hot Chocolate

With all the coffee and tea in the break room, there are also packets of hot chocolate. Making it with the hot water was a little bit underwhelming, but there is also Coffemate french vanilla creamer sitting on the counter. Two pumps of that mixed into the drink is perfection on a cool fall-ish morning.

5.) Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is not only for kids.

Jace got it, so nurse mommy took care of him, making lots of milkshakes, keeping track of his medicine, and overall just catering to him. He was able to go back to school on Monday, I first noticed little pinprick dots on Monday night. Nope, just for little kids, must be unrelated right? So wrong. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, it is sheer misery in my case compounded with a sinus infection that I was already fighting.

What did you learn in September? How has the first week of fall treated you?

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