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Sunflower Photo Shoot

I'm often behind the camera, snapping shots of my little family life. And my husband, though I love him, consistently finds the least flattering angles possible to take pictures.

Seriously, I'm not going to sugar coat it, he manages to find a way to snap shots of me that add a third chin and make me look 6 months pregnant (totally not expecting guys. Trust me, I'd be all about telling you if I was because the baby fever is real). Now I realize I'm not tiny, and yes, I've got some over the top curves, but there's a way to take the picture so that's not the first thing you notice.

Therefore, family pictures. We've done professional photo sessions only a handful of times. We did maternity pictures, newborn pictures, first birthday photos, then last year when Jace was three and this year at the Prayers for Maria Sunflower field.

I love them. I love having these beautiful memories of my family, and this year I was swayed by the fact that some of the money would be donated back to the Prayers for Maria Sunflower Field, and since Nathan had childhood cancer, this seemed like a fantastic way to give back a little.

And Arlee (of Azkalynn Photography) was fantastic and easy to work with, and had the gallery for me to proof just a week after the shoot. Not that I need to brag on her too much, you can see for yourself in the beautiful images.

I also couldn't have been happier with my little wild child, who actually cooperated with being photographed, resulting in some amazing melt-my-heart images.

He's normally been pretty cooperative to photograph, which is just one of the many things I love about his mellow personality.

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