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Summer Bucket List {What Did We Do?}

In June I posted a list of things we wanted to do this summer, and since today is the official first day of fall, I thought I'd follow up on that. So what did we do? 

1.) Rock Creek

Check! We caught behemoth the crawdad and other fun critters.

2.) Geneva on the Lake

Madison Donuts and the Arcade, perfection.

3.) Trumbull County Fair

Oh yes, we did the full day fair experience with all the food, the animals, the rides, the demolition derby, and the fireworks.

4.) Cleveland Zoo

We did the zoo multiple times, including through work for a family picnic, which meant food, the carousel, and free face painting. Oh, and Pokemon catching.

5.) Outdoor Movies at Crocker Park 

I took Brendan and Jace to see Big Hero 6, which Jace thought was phenomenal to see one of his favorite movies on the big screen.

6.) Putt-putt

Yep, Jace got to putt putt on a few different occassions, including a memorable night where I felt like I was melting.

7.) Memphis Kiddie Park

We somehow did not manage to do this over the summer, but we have plans to go on Saturday to enjoy!

8.) Camp in the backyard

Every time we planned this, the weather decided not to play nice! I was all for setting up the tent in the backyard, but I was not about to do it in the rain, nor in 100 degree temps.

9.) Make s'mores (we've already done this. But more s'mores y'all!)

Oh yes, we made more s'mores. Jace's prefers them made with Reese Cups, and enjoyed making his own marshmallows and trying not to catch them on fire.

10.) Water balloon fight

It was towards the end of summer that I finally picked up some water balloons, but Jace had a ball with them, and now we have plenty leftover for next summer.

11.) Hikes in the metroparks

Despite my best intentions, we did not do all the hiking that I had hoped this summer, but luckily this is not a summer exclusive activity: hiking is just as fun in the fall!

12.) See Finding Dory in theaters!

Cuddle Party!! Yes, we saw this. And yes, Jace was thrilled with it.

13.) Go to the Drive In

The odds were not in my favor for this, and trying to match up two kid friendly movies on a weekend that wasn't already busy proved to be too hard.

14.) Brandywine Waterfall

Again, this can totally be a fall activity.

15.) Nelson Ledges

We didn't make it here either (I swear I had great intentions to actually do all the things on this list!)

16.) Berea Pool

We tried to get to the pool as much as we could this summer, and thankfully it was open till 8pm, so we could even go some evenings after dinner! Jace got brave and started putting his face in the water, making this mama proud. 

17.) Presque Isle State Park

We didn't make it to Presque Isle this summer, but I think it's okay since we had plenty of other beach time!

18.) Great Lakes Science Center

I have tickets and they have been misplaced! I'm determined to find them though, and when I do I'm going to take Jace to check it out!

19.) Visit Sweet Moses old fashioned ice cream shop

YUM. It was a very fun experience, and my strawberry champagne sorbet was phenomenal.

20.) Days at the beaches of Lake Erie!

Don't worry, we did this as much as possible, because Jace takes after him mama and loves the beach. 

Out of 20 items, we actually did 12. We also raised butterfly's from caterpillars, spend a weekend in Chicago, found the best donuts in Cleveland, took a long weekend road trip to Kentucky, built a blanket fort inside to watch The Wizard of Oz, explored Cleveland, played lots of board games, and ate tons of fresh fruit and summer foods.

And overall, we had a fantastic summer, Jace loved all the experiences he was able to have and I loved getting to spend so much time adventuring with him. Summer is probably my favorite time of year, and Summer 2016 was definitely a win in my book. 

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