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Things I'm Loving {September}

This is only the second month of my linkup, so here's a brief description in case you missed August.

I'm using these posts to list out what I'm loving at the moment, from the song on repeat and seasonal drink, to a piece of clothing that gets worn every time it comes out of the dryer and anything else that I can't get out of my mind!

1.) Scarves

We're kind of in fall now, and some cooler mornings and days mean I've found my scarf collection again to enjoy. Sidenote, I have a thing for chevron, mint, and grey I've noticed as I examined my collection of fall scarves. 

2.) Jane the Virgin (Season 2)

I was told by multiple people it was worth watching, so then I watched season 1 in a true Netflix binge mode, and I was so excited to discover that season 2 has been added! So when I have free time, yes you will find me watching what looks like a Spanish telenovella. Not even sorry for it. 

3.) Photography

I've been playing with my phone's photography abilities, and it's quite entertaining!

4.) Kristin Hannah

I read "Firefly Lane" this month, ended up staying up late one night to finish it because the twist was not the twist that I was predicting, and then ended up laying in my bed crying. Next in line? "The Nightingale." 

5.) The Sunflowers

There is a field in Avon called the "Prayers for Maria" sunflower field. We did a mini photo shoot there with the talented Azkalynn photography, and the beautiful yellow sky-scraping flowers were just overwhelming. And the statistics were humbling: 99% of children diagnosed with that type of brain cancer do not survive. 

6.) Scary Movies

I went to a prescreening  of Blair Witch, and it was not as scary as I wanted it to be! But I'm hoping for more scary movies time, and someone to watch (and mock) them with me. Because here's how I watch scary movies, "Don't go in the house. Good girl, see she's smart. Wait, you just heard him screaming like he's going to die, so you're going in the house. This is a terrible life choice." 

What are you loving this month? Please link up and let me know what your current obsessions are!

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