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Hocking Hills Weekend

I cannot strongly enough recommend Hocking Hills. For our anniversary weekend, Nathan and I were just two people out in the woods, enjoying a cabin and not being sucked into social media or the vastness of the internet.

Friday night we arrived at our little cabin in the woods, lit the fireplace, cooked chicken alfredo pizza for dinner, and had a Harry Potter movie marathon. It was the perfect cozy evening.

I love to hike, I adore being outside, and I'm in my best mood when I get to spend time in the fresh air, no matter the season. So Saturday morning we were up,  moving, and went to Old Man's Cave to do some hiking.

The trails are well maintained, well mapped, and beautiful even in winter. All during our exploration Nathan and I kept commenting on how much fun it would be to come back as a family in the summer.

We explored, we had picnic lunches, a gourmet 7 course dinner at Glenlaurel, and I spent time on the front porch swing and in the hot tub reading a book just for fun.

If I had to sum our trip up in one word, it would be rejuvenating. By the time we drove back home we both felt relaxed and ready to get back to work and regular life (I mean, we also would have been happy to stay, but upon returning to work I felt like I'd had a real break!).

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