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Mom Moments (Part 9)

I thought I'd end the year with some fun Jace moments from recent weeks.

Talking about doing silly things, like Spongebob.
Jace: Spongebob is a boy, like me.
Me: No, Spongebob is a sponge.
Jace: No he's not, Spongebob is a piece of cheese, he has holes.

Looking at my dad's card for the cruise.
Jace: Buh, buh. No, this isn't his card, it doesn't have a B for Bongo.
Me: His real name isn't Bongo baby.
Jace: What??
Next day at the airport, talking to fellow passengers.
Jace: Yep, I call him Bongo, but his name isn't really Bongo, his real first name is Grandpa.

Going to cousin Mary's for Christmas.
Aunt Patty: What did Santa Claus bring you for Christmas?
Jace: Super Mario underpants! Proceeds to drop pants and show the room Super Mario.

I'm in the bath and hear a knock on the door.
Me: Yes, dear?
Jace: I have to go to the bafloom before bed because dad said so.

Driving home in the snow.
Me: Well, apparently this road hasn't been plowed.
Jace: Brendan, apparently this road is a cloud!

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