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Things I'm Loving {December}

This is the last "Things I'm Loving post for 2016," it's hard to believe it's going to be 2017 in a couple weeks (and I will continue to write 2016  on everything for at least a month).

1.) The Moana soundtrack.

I'm obsessed guys. I listen to it once a day. At least. I cannot wait until it come to DVD because I'm totally buying it to watch repeatedly because it was just such a fantastic movie.

2.) Christmas Decorations (everywhere!)

At work I'm part of the Information Services team, but my pod is technically over with Accounting/Finance. And they did a Christmas decorating contest. That spiraled and became bigger than anyone anticipated. So now, sitting at my desk, I overlook a winter wonderland.

3.) Lauren Graham's new book Talking As Fast As I Can

The library is the best and got this to me right before I was leaving for vacation. I couldn't help but dig in as soon as I got it and I love that it sounds just like Lorelei (so far!)

4.) Being Outside 

The first weekend in December was spent hiking in Hocking Hills, the second weekend involved my first experience with snow shoes, and this weekend is being spent in Florida (and the Bahamas). Being outdoors is always good for my soul, and now I get to experience the fun of fall, winter, and summer all in the same month!

5.) "If it brings you joy you keep it, if it doesn't, out it goes." 

One of my favorite lines from the Gilmore Girls revival. I'm definitely not picking up every item I own and trashing it if it doesn't, but it's been a fun little mantra for me, especially when shopping or otherwise planning.

6.) 'Tis better to give than to receive.

I have had so much fun crafting, purchasing, and hunting down Christmas gifts this year. Planning out presents and surprises and even just bringing in Christmas cards to work for my coworkers has been much  more fulfilling to me than the idea of getting gifts.

What are you currently loving/obsessing over? What's bringing you joy this December? Please link up below and share your happy thoughts!

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