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A Family of College Graduates!


This has been probably the most stressful week of my life. Last week at the last minute Nathan found out that he was doing badly enough in a class that it might prevent him from graduating college. Terrifying, right?
See, Nathan has a full-time job lined up starting the day after graduation (aka today) and it depended on him graduating. If he didn't graduate, no job. No full time job, no way to get a mortgage. No idea what would happen at the end of summer when my seasonal job would end. So our entire plan, everything that we've worked for and planned out, would be gone.
But wait, two days later we get more news, depending on an essay he may be able to raise the grade enough to graduate. HUGE sigh of relief, work on finals, we can do this!
Nope, essay wasn't enough, but wait, there was an incomplete. If that gets taken care of we're good again. Nope, just kidding, the in the major GPA is wrong because of the one class. Oh, no, wait, we can switch that class to be taken from another perspective. And etc. etc. etc.
Needless to say, we went back and forth between he is and isn't graduating more times than I thought possible in a week. We did not find out until Sunday morning at about 10:30 that Nathan was actually, officially, graduating from Berea College. The ceremony was starting at 2:00 pm. I don't think we could have gotten any closer waiting for the official decision.
But, the stress over, I got to see my husband join the class of 2013 and cross the stage. Against all the odds, we are both in possession of a Bachelor's degree. Despite pregnancy, marriage, the birth of Jace, and the crazy expenses that come with being a family, we both received our degrees in four years (technically a little less for Nathan since he went part time one semester). It feels amazing to have accomplished that together, and now we really do get to move on to the next chapter. 

Nathan lining up in the old gym.

Friends since Freshman year

Walking in

About to walk the stage with Jace

Nathan and Nick

Nathan and Brendan

Nathan and his dad

Nathan and his mom

Nathan and Elise (and Brendan)

My family <3 

To the rest that have graduated, or will be in the next couple weeks, CONGRATULATIONS!
Best of luck moving into your future, and I hope you are so proud of yourself, because it is a huge accomplishment.


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