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Rescuing Wildlife

I'm a bit late in posting this, but a few nights ago I went out with a friend to get some dinner, do a little shopping, and just get a night out before I start working 50 hour weeks. It was a great night, but at the end of it I was saying bye to Alex at her car, looked over at the car next to hers and saw a baby robin. I wasn't sure if it was a baby at first or just a small bird, but when I walked up to it and it let me pick it up, it was clear it was a baby.

So, I looked and couldn't see a nest or hear any other birds, and I couldn't just leave the poor thing in the middle of the Richmond Center parking lot, therefore it came home with me.
I called Nathan on the way and he did some research. Apparently if you ever find a baby bird you are supposed to feed them canned cat food. Beef is best.
It worked!

For two days I fed Mr. Robin, including getting up in the middle of the night to feed him, and finally the wildlife refuge sent a runner to come pick him up since they would be much better able to care for him. On one hand, it was kind of sad to see him go because he was so cute. But on the other hand, it was really a relief because I have so many other things to care for at this point. And the closer we get to the pool opening the less time I have for all of these little dependents! I'm still glad I brought him home though, otherwise the thought of him being hit by a car or meeting another tragic end would have haunted me.


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