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I'm not sure I always show my appreciation, but I very much love married life. And mostly for the little things. Like this conversation we had the other night before falling asleep:

Me: "Did you set an alarm so you're up for work?"
Nathan: "Yes."
Me: "Is the volume up on your phone?"
Nathan: "Yes."
*Pause, then Nathan gets out of bed and checks his phone.*
Nathan: "Why do you do this to me?"
Me: "Do what?"
Nathan: "Make me second think myself, I knew I set it."
Me: "Second-think?"
Nathan: "Second-guess. I'm going to bed now."

See, for me at least, early on in a relationship I'm afraid to laugh at the other person, or question them. I don't want to come across as mean, or nagging, or anything like that. But after three and a half years together, Nathan and I have no worries about coming across wrong or building up resentment over little things. We talk about it. I know that if I say something that does bother him, he'll bring it up later and we'll be fine.
Which means we're able to actually be completely ourselves with each other.
And, that means we have these little moments where I get to just laugh at him (or vice versa) and it really does make a difference in the day. Coming home from work to see my best friend? And laugh either with or at him? It makes for a pretty good life.


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