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More Like My Mom Every Day

I remember growing up that mom always made us clean the ENTIRE house before guests came over. Every room had to be vacuumed, all of the "clutter" had to be put away, and if they were coming for a meal, the table had to be set just so. It was so annoying!
And I could not understand it. Especially if it was my aunt and uncle coming over. My young thought process, "They're family, why would they care if the house is a little messy?"
Now, however, I am just like my mother. Therefore, I understand her. See, for most of my childhood my mom was a stay at home mom. She stayed with me and my sister and so us and the house were what she had to take pride in. And my mom had a lot to be proud of. The house was always clean: she just wanted it cleaner when we had guests. There were always home baked desserts, home cooked meals for dinner, and the laundry and dishes were always done.
So now, I want to do the same thing. This weekend the hubby graduates college, so all of my in-laws are coming down for the weekend to celebrate and be there for commencement. So, I spent the majority of Thursday, Friday and today up till now cleaning and preparing. Just as my mother did, I wanted to floors vacuumed, the clutter and toys put away, fresh baked cookies on the table, and all the laundry put away. Although I am also working outside the home, my house (technically apartment) is something I want to be able to take pride in.

So my living room floor is visible, even Luna got a bath so she can make a good first impression.

The hallway is clean and clutter free.

Chocolate chip cookies and fruit are on the *gasp* completely clean table!

The sink is EMPTY and even scrubbed down (isn't it so shiny and pretty?)

And, even though I know no one else will be in our bedroom, our bedroom is CLEAN. 

And, it fills me with a sense of pride. I will feel good welcoming everyone into my organized and pleasant apartment, rather than apologizing constantly for the messes that I hadn't had time to handle. Which is what I would have done if I hadn't taken the time to do this. But now, I can feel proud and accomplished, and I can feel more competent as a wife and mom. I love knowing that I have learned to be domestic, and I also know that it came from mom.
True to the title, I am honestly more like my mother each day.
And I think it's an amazing thing.


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