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Changing Seasons

My work-too-many-hours-a-week-get-an-awesome-tan-learn-to-manage-a-pool-summer has ended.
The pool closed on Sunday, and Justin and I are just about finished with the winterizing process so the pool will be set to open and run for the 2014 season. I'm so thankful for this summer: it provided great laughs, good work experience, awesome stories, and led to great friendships. As usual, I have some common sense rules that we should apparently post after some of the crazy instances we had at the pool.

My Adjusted Rules
- If your belly covers the bottom half of your bikini so well that the guards freak out and think there's a half naked woman walking the deck, it's probably time for a new swimsuit (maybe a one piece please?)
-  If you weren't allowed to have a Polar Pop on the deck because it isn't water, you're probably also not allowed to have the blue slushie you bought. Yes, even if it is from the pool's concession stand.
- If you chose to tattoo the word B*tch on your back in pretty cursive, you cannot blame the guards for giggling when you walk past. Please remember, they've worked 8 hours in the hot sun before you even arrived for Free Family Swim.
- If you jump off a diving board into 12' of water feet first, you're not going to just hit the bottom and push up. And when that happens, you probably shouldn't fight the lifeguard that's trying to save you.
- The lifeguards yell "Don't run" for a reason. Seriously, unless you enjoy the sight of your own blood, just slow it down.
- There is no music in the world that makes everyone happy, so showing up to the manager's office to say that our music sucks, is not going to help your case. It's better than silence, so enjoy the family friendly music and remember, you haven't heard this CD 4,298,557,503 times like all the guards here.

But, I have some wonderful memories from this summer. Our staff beat my highest expectations and it was so clear that they had become friends by the end of the season. We played foursquare on slow days and thunder breaks, found a slip'n'slide, played sharks and minnows, and bonded in the horror of Free Family Swim. I loved my summer, and I'm adjusting to the idea of "What's next?". My schedule may have changed week to week, but I was very comfortable at my pool. I'm trying, however, to be optimistic and confident that something will come along for me next.


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