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My Child is a TODDLER.

My baby isn't really a baby anymore. Seriously.
He is full on into toddler-hood.
And I have evidence.

1.) He walks. 
Yep, it's no longer a couple little steps here and there, he stands up from a sitting position and GOES. He is fearless, no matter how many times he may fall.

2.) He makes decisions. 
He will go out to the cupboard in the kitchen, open it (if I've forgotten to baby-lock it) and retrieve a packet of fruit snacks which he will then bring to me so I can open it.

3.) He has a wicked little sense of humor. 
He knows what to do that's funny but troublesome. For example, the other night we went to our church pool party. Arriving home, I just put the bag of towels, keys, sippy cups etc. on the floor. Without me knowing, he got into the bag and grabbed my keys. My house, car and work keys. He crawled upstairs and hid them. The next morning I literally crawled around my house for over an hour hunting for them. I found them: hidden in my bedroom.

4.) He gets excited and happy.
We went to the Madison County Fair tonight: Jace's second time to a fair. Last year he was a three month old baby: it didn't matter to him where we were as long as he got fed and was able to sleep. Tonight I could see joy in my little one's eyes as he rode his first rides, got a balloon animal, and played at the petting zoo. The ride home he babbled and smiled, and I swear I could see appreciation there. He was grateful to have gone with us and had such a good time.

On one hand, I miss his infant-hood and his dependence on me. Because he is a very independent and adventurous little toddler. But I love to watch him learn and grow. I feel so much pride when I see his desire to walk on his own, but look back to make sure Mommy is following. I truly could not have imagined a better life and family than I have, even in stressful times.


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